{Shanghai eats} Wei Xiang Zhai sesame noodles

Wei Xiang Zhai Sesame paste noodles 5

If you’ve landed here looking for a fancy five star Shanghai restaurant review it’s only fair I give you the heads up – you are so in the wrong spot.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for cheap and cheerful, a local place where chances are you’ll be the only non-local and where the food arrives before you find a seat – hi there! You’re in the right place.

Flex those elbows of yours, leave politeness at the door and don’t make eye contact with anyone. Just set your sights on a chair and table space and hover.

Welcome to Wei Xiang Zhai.

Wei Xiang Zhai Sesame paste noodles | Plus Ate Six

I was first introduced to Wei Xiang Zhai over a year ago by Kristen, a fellow food blogger from Donuts to Dumplings and after our experience at the Old Shanghai Noodle Shop I bragged to my neighbour Scott that he wasn’t the only one who could eat at grotty places and next time lunch was on me.

Wei Xiang Zhai Sesame paste noodles | Plus Ate Six

However {or fortunately?} in between visits, Wei Xiang Zhai had undergone a bit of a spruce up and was looking a little cleaner. Oh the disappointment!

The menu, although shortened, still made no sense to me – but don’t worry, you’re here for the májiàng miàn. The lady behind the counter will understand you I promise.

Take your receipt, do a quick swizz around the tables and figure out who is close to finishing.

Take a peg from the table you’ve chosen and give the peg and receipt to a passing ayi – you’ve marked your spot.

Wei Xiang Zhai Sesame paste noodles | Plus Ate Six

Every time I’ve been, and ayi has taken pity on me and more or less shuffled me into a key position to wait on a space so you’ll be fine.

Now shuffle around your spot, body checking anyone who tries to move into your personal space and wait.

Don’t be surprised if your bowls of noodles arrive before the seats became free – that’s our lunch above!

Wei Xiang Zhai Sesame paste noodles | Plus Ate Six

The noodles are served cold with a garnish of spring onion and a dash of chili oil. I always find the noodles quite glaggy {that’s a technical term for stuck together} so I usually add a generous amount of the black vinegar {bottles are on each table} to the bowl and mush it all around. Seriously, is it any wonder I don’t get invited to fancy restaurants……

In the wash up:

A bowl of sesame paste noodles {ask for májiàng miàn or point at someone’s bowl} will set you back 10RMB – $2 or less.

You might have to wait 5 minutes for a seat but it will only take you 5 minutes to eat your bowl of noodles.

Turn right out of the shop and head towards Fuxing Park and either walk off those noodles or find a bench and grab a nananap like a local.

No English spoken. No English menu. No smoking signs seem to be effective.

Address: 14 Yandang Lu, near Huaihai Zhong Lu.

This meal was independently paid for.

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