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It’s that time again – Chinese New Year. Some say it’s the year of the sheep, some say the goat. The character is the same for both animals apparently hence the confusion.

Just like last year, the streets are emptying, shops closing and the firework stalls are setting up on street corners. Schools have finished and there is definitely a sense of celebration and anticipation as you walk around the streets and markets. This was the fabric area of the fake market on Sunday.

This is the display down the road:

He certainly looks like a goat wouldn’t you say?

This is a selection of hongbaos at Carrefour. Looks a little sheepish to me.

Just a small selection of the window & door stickers at Carrefour. Bling tastic!

The New Year display outside Lane Crawford had painted sheep from various countries – I couldn’t work out why those particular countries were chosen though.

Richard’s office is closed from February 18-24th so we are heading out of town to San Francisco of all places because by the time we came to book anything back in October it was cheaper than going to Thailand or Vietnam. That’s what happens when a few million people book the same week off – flights get booked up and remaining seats ridiculously priced!

So, it’s off to sourdough central we go with our running gear packed because I think there’s going to be a serious amount of food consumed in the next 9 days….

I’ll be back next week.

Xin nian kuai le!

What’s going on in your hood this week?

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