{In My Kitchen} March 2015

I’ve been back in the kitchen four days now after the Chinese New Year getaway and everything seems to be moving in slo mo with stupid jet lag. The first few days in Shanghai always take a bit of adjustment anyway – remembering to turn on the VPN for emails, Facebook, WordPress etc, psyching myself up for that first Carrefour stock-up run, getting back into a routine….

So it’ll come as no surprise to you after last month’s IMK post that the first thing I did on Friday, before any unpacking was done, was to feed Lucy Liu and put her into the bathroom for an overnight prove. My new enamel pot was christened on Saturday.

IMK March 2015 Sourdough bread

Picked up for a bargain 50RMB {$10AUD} on Dongtai Lu which is the ‘antique’ market here, soon to be demolished sadly.

IMK March 2015 Enamel pot

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Chinese New Year 2015 | Plus Ate Six

{In my hood} It’s Chinese New Year

It’s that time again – Chinese New Year. Some say it’s the year of the sheep, some say the goat. The character is the same for both animals apparently hence the confusion. Just like last year, the streets are emptying, shops closing and the firework stalls are setting up on street corners. Schools have finished…

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Project Gold Fifty Years of Memories | Plus Ate Six

{Project Gold} Fifty Years of Memories

In lieu of a Valentine’s recipe today {because you all know by now, ‘we’ don’t do romance in this house} I’m sharing with you the biggest love story in my life. It’s a bit of a long one – grab a coffee and a tissue. Fifty years ago, on January 22nd 1965, my folks were…

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Bikes accessories | Plus Ate Six

{In my hood} We are all rugged up

When the weather turns a little chilly, bikes and scooters get rugged up too. The bike-onsies are simply tied over the handlebars and the rider tucks their knees under the cover to keep warm I particularly like the red/leopard print and mop look. These furry hand warmers were cute too. In the warmer months the…

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A good old fashioned slow cooked braise of beef & onions | Plus Ate Six

A slow-cooked braise of beef & onions

You know there’s that week in the summer when you’re totally over the sun and the relentless heat? You never want to see another salad involving feta & tomatoes and you’re dreaming of casseroles, roasts and evenings tucked up in front of the tv watching back to back episodes of  Sons of Anarchy with the curtains…

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Lucy Liu IMK Feb 2015 | Plus Ate Six

{In My Kitchen} February 2015

In My Kitchen…. ….it’s all about the dough. Meet Lucy Liu, offspring of Priscilla. I have to tell you , the PRESSURE to come up a name!!!! In the end I couldn’t think of anything witty or original so I asked Rich and he came up with Lucy Liu {which I approved of because Lu…

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Jiuzhaigou National Park | Plus Ate Six

{Travel} Jiuzhaigou National Park

We spent Christmas Day on the edge of the Tibetan plateau in the far North West of Sichuan. I know this because when we arrived at our hotel it was 1C in the room with the heating on full blast so Rich decided to google our location because I had to admit to having no idea…

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