{In My Kitchen} July 2015

In My Kitchen…

IMK July 2015 Ice cream machine | Plus Ate Six

…is Mum cunningly camouflaged as an ice cream maker. What can I say? She told me no one wanted to look at her old face….

I saw the machine reduced online to $65 and Mum carried the ice cream maker up in her hand luggage – it joins the food processor I brought back with me last year in my luggage. I know a Thermomix would save me all these appliances but I still can’t get my head around the price tag. And in any case, Thermomix doesn’t come in a range of colours…..

In My Kitchen…

IMK July 2015 Ice cream| Plus Ate Six

…is the first attempt at ice cream. It’s a dairy free coconut vanilla ice cream from here with my salted tahini caramel stirred through and much to my surprise even Dad liked it. I think it tastes quite nougarty but next time I’ll cut back on the maple sugar and try salted miso caramel instead. It was super easy and quick and I forecast more ice cream in the kitchen in the coming months.

In My Kitchen…

IMK July 2015 Wine gums | Plus Ate Six

…are Wine Gums from Mum. She was under strict instructions not to bring chocolate marzipan for Rich so she bought these instead. I don’t mind – I’m a little bit addicted to them I have to admit. Although surely it’s only a matter of time before someone tries to ban them as a bad influence on kids?

In My Kitchen…

IMK July 2015 Saurekraut | Plus Ate Six

…is a very pickled batch of sauerkraut. I had some leftover coleslaw that I’d dressed with apple cider vinegar and olive oil so I added it to the jar along with a couple of days worth of fermented cabbage. It packs a bit of punch but I’m happy with this jar.

In My Kitchen…

IMK July 2015 Mayonnaise | Plus Ate Six

…are two jars of extremely good mayonnaise. The white truffle one is perfect for dipping asparagus spears into and the sriracha one is going onto toasted cheese toasties and went into a potato salad last week. They were both in my gift bag from last months Shanghai Bloggers launch and were gifted by Hunter Gatherer, an organic grocer and cafe just around the corner from me in the French Concession.

In My Kitchen…

IMK July 2015 Nut Butter | Plus Ate Six

…is homemade roasted cashew and almond nut butter. I’ve been working out how to recover from long runs without falling into an emotional exhausted heap for a couple of hours afterwards and I think I’ve finally cracked it. A smoothie of coconut water, banana and a couple of heaped tablespoons of nut butter as a base seems to be doing the trick so far. I ran 26kms on Monday without feeling too sorry for myself for the rest of the day.

And it wouldn’t be an In My Kitchen post without…

IMK July 2015 crochet | Plus Ate Six

…Lucy and the latest crochet creation. I’m a tiny bit in love with this ripple baby blanket! Although next time I’ll be working nine rows of one colour instead of three to save my sanity working in the ends. If you’re interested in crochet I’m using this pattern.

I’m leaving Lucy in Rich’s hands for the next few weeks and I’m hoping she will survive – she’s proven pretty resilient to my neglect so far so I have everything crossed.

I’m off to London on Monday with Mum and Dad to stay with my brother and his family for two weeks and then Mum, Dad and I fly to Poland for a wedding. I haven’t been back to Poland since 2002 so I’m very much looking forward to going back to the village where Mum was born and eating loads of pierogi and poppyseed cheesecake. So I won’t be In My Kitchen for August’s post but I’ll still be hanging around here!

In My Kitchen is hosted by the lovely Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial. Pop over and have a look at what’s going on in kitchens around the world.

What’s going on in your kitchen this month?

Chicken & lychee salad with mirin & sesame dressing | Plus Ate Six

Mirin & sesame salad dressing with chicken & lychees

If you’re a fan of Asian flavours I’m guessing you’ll already have everything you need for this light, fresh & tangy mirin & sesame salad dressing. The salad is all up to you! I have to admit most of the time a squeeze of lemon and a glug of good quality olive oil is enough for…

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Xiaolongbao Shanghai Soup Dumplings Zun Ke Lai | Plus Ate Six

{Shanghai eats} Zun Ke Lai xiaolongbao

If you don’t live in Shanghai the chances are you haven’t heard of The Shanghai Soup Dumpling Index. Yes, such a thing exists and I challenge all xiaolongbao fans out there to create one for your city too – all you need are a set of digital scales, a pair of calipers and maybe a cholesterol check after…

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Shanghai Bloggers

Introducing Shanghai Bloggers

There are some hugely talented young expats in this city trying out new ideas and business ventures and succeeding in a culture and often times, a language, that is not their own. Line Fricke and her business partner Nando are two such expats {Line is Danish and Nando is Columbian} and the Shanghai Bloggers app is their…

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One pot! Jamie Oliver's oven baked fish with olives & a quick tomato sauce | Plus Ate Six

Baked fish with olives & an easy tomato sauce

With a  few pantry staples you can produce a versatile and ever so easy rich tomato sauce.   How many times have you asked what would you like for dinner tonight and gotten the response whatever/ I don’t care/ whatever you cook is good / that’s your department not mine….. Hand on heart, I don’t think I’ve…

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{In My Hood} The weather has been perfect

If Shanghai is ever on your radar to visit may I suggest you plan your trip for late April/May or October/November. December and January are pretty grim – think cold and damp, grey skies and grey air. July and August are hot, sticky and humid. But May is typically good and the weather the last…

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June 2015 IMK lychees

{In My Kitchen} June 2015

Pinch, punch first of the month. Yay! It’s June 1st and you know what that means right? Without further ado, here’s what’s going on In My Kitchen this month…. In My Kitchen….. …there’s a new cookbook. I cooked along with the lovely Lorraine from Not Quite Nigella when she shared the recipe for Pea, Corn…

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Perfect for party food or lunch boxes, these gluten free pumpkin & parmesan muffins are moreish and infinitely adaptable| Plus Ate Six

Pumpkin & parmesan muffins {gluten free}

Perfect nibbles for a party or a great addition to a lunch box , these gluten free pumpkin & parmesan muffins are infinitely adaptable. Softened onion and pumpkin give a lovely sweet flavour and unlike lots of gluten free muffins the vegetables give them a moist, not dry and crumbly texture. Totally moreish, I guarantee you won’t be able…

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Chinese wood ear mushroom salad | Plus Ate Six

Chinese wood ear mushroom salad

By now you will know I have an aversion to all things mushroom. I can’t explain why – it’s just the way I’m made. But for some reason every mushroom lover out there seems to find this quite boring fact incredulous and unbelievable in equal parts. You don’t like mushrooms? How can that possibly be?  Errrrhmmmm…..I…

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Broad beans | Plus Ate Six

{In My Hood} Broad Beans

Broad beans {or fava beans} are in season here at the moment and I have to admit it’s not a vegetable that I would have associated with Chinese cooking before living in Shanghai, mainly because I’d only ever eaten Cantonese food before. Now I know that broad beans are used widely in Sichuan cooking stir…

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Alcatraz | Plus Ate Six

{San Francisco} Alcatraz

Alcatraz was on our list of things to do for no other reason than we were told it was one of those things you have to tick off when in San Francisco. It’s pretty great when you go into something with zero expectations and then it becomes one of the highlights of your trip isn’t…

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A very simple Tuscan pork ragu | Plus Ate Six

A simple Tuscan pork ragu

A simple Tuscan pork ragu, slow cooked over a couple of hours either in the oven or on the stove top. You’ll be amazed at the depth of flavour with so few ingredients. Have you ever looked at a recipe and thought it’s too simple or not interesting enough to give it a try? Here’s…

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IMK May 2015

{In My Kitchen} May 2015

May 1st. What the….? Where did April disappear to? Somehow it’s time to link up again with the gorgeous Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial and take a peek into kitchens around the world. In My Kitchen this month is….. ….Richard’s Mum, Elaine visiting us from Germany. She came bearing gifts – a bottle…

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