Pumpkin & parmesan muffins {gluten free}

Perfect nibbles for a party or a great addition to a lunch box , these gluten free pumpkin & parmesan muffins are infinitely adaptable. Softened onion and pumpkin give a lovely sweet flavour and unlike lots of gluten free muffins the vegetables give them a moist, not dry and crumbly texture. Totally moreish, I guarantee you won’t be able to eat just one!

Perfect for party food or lunch boxes, these gluten free pumpkin & parmesan muffins are moreish  and infinitely adaptable| Plus Ate Six

I don’t know about you, but I’m not very good at filing away recipes. Yes I know there’s Pinterest, and all manner of new fandangled ways of storing all your favourites in one place but I’m just not that organised.

I have recipes stored on the mac in word docs, screenshots of recipes I’ve come across on Facebook or Instagram on the iPhone & iPad {they’re not synched so you can only imagine the chaos there}, sticky notes sticking out of every single cook book and magazine and last but not least, the old fashioned way – yellowing, torn pieces of newspapers going back over ten years strewn randomly in books and drawers.

And then there’s a folder of printed recipes in the kitchen too….

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Chinese wood ear mushroom salad | Plus Ate Six

Chinese wood ear mushroom salad

By now you will know I have an aversion to all things mushroom. I can’t explain why – it’s just the way I’m made. But for some reason every mushroom lover out there seems to find this quite boring fact incredulous and unbelievable in equal parts. You don’t like mushrooms? How can that possibly be?  Errrrhmmmm…..I…

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Broad beans | Plus Ate Six

{In My Hood} Broad Beans

Broad beans {or fava beans} are in season here at the moment and I have to admit it’s not a vegetable that I would have associated with Chinese cooking before living in Shanghai, mainly because I’d only ever eaten Cantonese food before. Now I know that broad beans are used widely in Sichuan cooking stir…

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Alcatraz | Plus Ate Six

{San Francisco} Alcatraz

Alcatraz was on our list of things to do for no other reason than we were told it was one of those things you have to tick off when in San Francisco. It’s pretty great when you go into something with zero expectations and then it becomes one of the highlights of your trip isn’t…

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A very simple Tuscan pork ragu | Plus Ate Six

A simple Tuscan pork ragu

A simple Tuscan pork ragu, slow cooked over a couple of hours either in the oven or on the stove top. You’ll be amazed at the depth of flavour with so few ingredients. Have you ever looked at a recipe and thought it’s too simple or not interesting enough to give it a try? Here’s…

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IMK May 2015

{In My Kitchen} May 2015

May 1st. What the….? Where did April disappear to? Somehow it’s time to link up again with the gorgeous Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial and take a peek into kitchens around the world. In My Kitchen this month is….. ….Richard’s Mum, Elaine visiting us from Germany. She came bearing gifts – a bottle…

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IMH Park rules | Plus Ate Six

{In My Hood} Park rules

It’s been a while since I was in a Melbourne park but I’m pretty sure there are different park rules to my local one here. I’m not too sure where to start with the Hua Shan Green Area rules. I reckon they’ve covered every eventuality and then some! I’m so happy that from the sky my…

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Only 3 ingredients! Make ahead hazelnut & strawberry meringue torte filled with vanilla mascarpone cream

Hazelnut & Chocolate Meringue Torte {4 ingredients!}

Do you ever make a recipe and love it so much that you binge make it at least three times in two weeks? Please tell me I’m not alone…… I promise you if you make this once, you’ll be finding reasons to make it again so when I was asked by the good folks from Fields to help…

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{In my hood} The Post | Plus Ate Six

{In my hood} The Post

This {In my hood} post serves as both an explanation and an apology. First the explanation. Post can typically take anything from ten days to ten weeks to arrive here. Typically sending post airmail is quicker – as it should be. But I have sent a heavy parcel by sea only for it to arrive in…

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Tagliata - a deceptively simple steak, rocket & parmesan salad that’s low on effort but BIG on flavour. Perfect for 1, great for 2, easy for 4 - 8 people | Plus Ate Six

Tagliata {Steak, rocket & parmesan salad}

There are two very well known online grocers here in Shanghai catering mainly to the expat community – think gluten free products, imported meat & fish, cheeses etc, local meat & fish from ‘reliable’ & ‘trustworthy’ sources, organic fruit & veg, treats from home etc. Having plenty of time on my hands and enjoying the limited…

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Cumin roasted cauliflower & tahini soup | Plus Ate Six

Cumin roasted cauliflower & tahini soup

In what is surely an ironic coincidence, this years Qingming Festival coincided with the Easter weekend. Qingming? That’ll be the annual Tomb Sweeping Festival which happens on either the 4th or 5th of April every year. Having no ancestral graves to sweep, but wanting to take advantage of the holiday on Monday, we had plans…

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Old Shanghai Noodle Shop | Plus Ate Six

{Shanghai Eats} Old Shanghai Noodle Shop

I’ve found a meatball & noodle place where taxi drivers eat said my friend Scott. Ears instantly pricking up, I asked when we were going. Hmmmm. It’s a bit of a dive. Not sure you’ll like it.  Really? Bring it on. No, really. It’s a real Shanghai dive. It’s a greasy hole in the wall kinda place….

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In my Kitchen April 2015

{In my kitchen} April 2015

April 1st – how did that happen? Isn’t March supposed to be a long month?! It’s time for In My Kitchen again. And this isn’t an April Fools I promise, but in my kitchen this month there is not one single new enamel plate, bowl or tray to show you. No, before you ask, I’m…

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