{In my kitchen} April 2015

April 1st – how did that happen? Isn’t March supposed to be a long month?!

It’s time for In My Kitchen again. And this isn’t an April Fools I promise, but in my kitchen this month there is not one single new enamel plate, bowl or tray to show you.

No, before you ask, I’m feeling just fine!  I just didn’t see anything that caught my eye this month. Hopefully normal service will be resumed next month.

In My Kitchen though we have….

In my Kitchen April 2015

…..strawberries. Since before Chinese New Year in fact we’ve had strawberries in the kitchen every single day. These ones come from Taiwan, they’re not organic, and whatever they are doing to them it’s working because they are so sweet & juicy. They are so good. I can’t be bothered doing anything to them other than washing and eating them. We have them on overnight oats in the morning and for dessert in the evening. And I snack on them during the day……..

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Filipino Chicken Adobo - simple & quick to prepare it packs a punch in the flavour department! | Plus Ate Six

Filipino Chicken Adobo

The weather is a’changing around these parts and I promise there’s salad, crunchy raw salad on the horizon in the very near future. In the meantime,  there’s Filipino Chicken Adobo. Put aside all those thoughts of ‘surely not another braised recipe?’ I just know you’re thinking looking at that photo there! It’s prepared quickly and simply from…

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{In my hood} The Bird Man | Plus Ate Six

{In my hood} The Bird Man

Spring is on it’s way but it’s a little bit shy. The forecast for today is 14C with showers and tomorrow 20C and sunny. Come rain or shine, hot or cold I see this man every Tuesday and Thursday when I walk down the road around 645am on the way to my Xbarre class. He…

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Braised & roasted chicken is a brilliant midweek dinner. With less than 10 minutes prep, you're free to make a salad and have a glass of wine

Braised & roasted chicken with preserved lemons

I know, I know. Another braised dinner. This one is a little different though. It’s a braised and roasted chicken that will see you through the four seasons, requires next to no effort {or skill} and will take you no more than fifteen minutes in prep time. That’s real time, planet earth fifteen minutes. Aaaaaannnnnd….. It’s…

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IMK March 2015 enamel bowl

{In My Kitchen} March 2015

I’ve been back in the kitchen four days now after the Chinese New Year getaway and everything seems to be moving in slo mo with stupid jet lag. The first few days in Shanghai always take a bit of adjustment anyway – remembering to turn on the VPN for emails, Facebook, WordPress etc, psyching myself up…

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Chinese New Year 2015 | Plus Ate Six

{In my hood} It’s Chinese New Year

It’s that time again – Chinese New Year. Some say it’s the year of the sheep, some say the goat. The character is the same for both animals apparently hence the confusion. Just like last year, the streets are emptying, shops closing and the firework stalls are setting up on street corners. Schools have finished…

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Project Gold Fifty Years of Memories | Plus Ate Six

{Project Gold} Fifty Years of Memories

In lieu of a Valentine’s recipe today {because you all know by now, ‘we’ don’t do romance in this house} I’m sharing with you the biggest love story in my life. It’s a bit of a long one – grab a coffee and a tissue. Fifty years ago, on January 22nd 1965, my folks were…

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Bikes accessories | Plus Ate Six

{In my hood} We are all rugged up

When the weather turns a little chilly, bikes and scooters get rugged up too. The bike-onsies are simply tied over the handlebars and the rider tucks their knees under the cover to keep warm I particularly like the red/leopard print and mop look. These furry hand warmers were cute too. In the warmer months the…

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A good old fashioned slow cooked braise of beef & onions | Plus Ate Six

A slow-cooked braise of beef & onions

You know there’s that week in the summer when you’re totally over the sun and the relentless heat? You never want to see another salad involving feta & tomatoes and you’re dreaming of casseroles, roasts and evenings tucked up in front of the tv watching back to back episodes of  Sons of Anarchy with the curtains…

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Lucy Liu IMK Feb 2015 | Plus Ate Six

{In My Kitchen} February 2015

In My Kitchen…. ….it’s all about the dough. Meet Lucy Liu, offspring of Priscilla. I have to tell you , the PRESSURE to come up a name!!!! In the end I couldn’t think of anything witty or original so I asked Rich and he came up with Lucy Liu {which I approved of because Lu…

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